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Maharal Netiv HaTorah - abstract essence of the Torah

The Six Constant Mitzvot #1: Emunah!

We have started with the 6 מצוות תמידיות, the first of which is מצוות האמונה, which is found at ספר החינוך, פרשת יתרו, מצוה כה

We learned the בהג‘s opinion that we can’t count Emunah as one of the Commandments, because the awareness of the “Commander” and the acceptance of His authority to command is the root of, and therefore precedes, the 613 commandments.

Sunday we presented this opinion as a question/challenge to the Rambam’s opinion and the Sefer Hachinuc’s opinion. We then learned Rav Kook’s explanation of the Rambam’s opinion, which answers this question. 

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