Some Full Scholarships available!


The 40 Days of Inspiration Program incorporates study in daily classes together with one-on-one learning with our seasoned educators.

Enjoy festive prayers and holiday celebrations including family hospitality, in addition to tours and hikes – with great guys from around the world.

In this semester we give a special focus on the meaning and the laws of Rosh HashanaYom Kippur and Sukkot, delving into the related themes of the month of Elul and Teshuva, using the core texts of Jewish tradition through to current customs.

  • Beginners and advanced Talmud tracks – learn how to learn Gemara!
  • Exploring the works of Maimonides, Rav Kook, Chassidut and Musar
  • Guided Parshat Ha-shavua (the weekly Torah portion) and Tanach
  • Study Philosophy and experience spiritual growth
  • Hebrew Ulpan in two levels! 

Tuition & Room and Board- $1,275
Tuition only (for external students) – $850

Machon Meir provides dormatories, located adjacent to the main building, as part of the monthly learning package.

 The dorms have a capacity of 4-5 students per room. 


Machon Meir is a MASA Israel program. Scholarships are available through MASA for those who apply to the program, for a minimum of 5 months. In order to contact MASA, click here.

In addition, Machon Meir has independent scholarship options on an “as needed” basis.

 For further details, please contact Rav Aharon Halevy. / 02-6461317

Please contact Rav Aharon HaLevy –