Rabbi Natan Kotler

Rabbi Natan Kotler is a Military Rabbi in the IDF. He studied at Yeshivat Kerem B’Yavneh (KBY) and received his M.Ed in educational counseling from Orot Israel College. He teaches in the Machon Meir English department and a Yeshiva high school in Jerusalem.

Rabbi Natan Kotler wrote 350 articles that were published in the Machon Meir Torah journal for over a decade and in periodicals such as Hama’yan (the ShlomoAumann Institute), Machanecha (the Military Rabbinate), and others. His articles and shiurim are on the following topics:

•The life and teachings of GedoleiYisrael
•Morality and Halacha
•The ethics of warfare according to the Rambam
•Mutual responsibility in Halacha and Jewish thought
•Postmodernism and Judaism
•The Parshah and the Moadim and more.

Rabbi Natan Kotler lives with his wife and children in Jerusalem. He loves to learn and teach Talmud and Jewish thought (Emunah)

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