Laws of Lashon Hara & Laws of Muktze

Rav Frankenthal in his weekly Halacha Shiyur covers the problem with slandering one's friend behind their back, even with good intention. And, as well, covers the basic laws of muktzeh and the background for the prohibition of Muktzeh, dating back to King David. 

Foundations of Shabbat – Part 2

Most of the laws of Shabbat are written in the Oral Tradition, and very few is explicitly written in the Written Torah. The laws of Shabbat are derived from the various elements of building the Mishkan.  Rav Kilstein gives a general explanation for the various melachot, prohibitions of Shabbat, and provides...

Why is it Important to Keep Shabbat?

Rav Kilstein discusses the fundamental Mitzvah of keeping Shabbat, which is one of the most crucial Mitzvot of the Torah in developing Jewish identity. Shabbat is not only an individual mitzvah, rather creates a foundation of creating one's Jewish identity and eternal connection to the Torah and Mitzvot.