Rav Frankenthal’s Night Shiyur is Back!!

Chafetz Chaim - Lashon Hara: Misinterpreting other's statements & judging someone favorably. Kashrut - Laws of cooking Meat & Milk : how to Kasher a pot.  Book of Shmuel Alef - The Second War with the Phillistines up until the choosing of King David (over David's brothers, the sons of Ishai).

Shmuel I, Chapter 1 – Elkana and his two wives

Elkana has two wives, Chana and Penina. Chana is the eventual mother of the prophet Shmuel. How did Chana merit to give birth to Shmuel? Rav Frankenthal discusses Chana's journey through being barren of children to eventually becoming the mother of one of the more influencial prophets in the History...