David in Tziklag, suicide and more Can you be kind to your wife? including Quick Kosher Kitchen questions  - What is a kosher symbol?

Bringing Shmuel back from the dead

The story of Shaul and Shmuel meeting from the dead. Prefaced by - laws of departing -  Is it a mitzva to kiss the mezuzah? The custom of giving Shaliach mitzvah money. When Menachem Begin asked Rav Shach to pray for Israel. and then  Pirkei Avot

King David’s Eulogy for Shaul and Yehonatan

Why does King David eulogize King Shaul, especially after King Shaul attempted to assassinate King David on multiple occasions? What was the true genuine relationship between King David and Yehonatan? And what lessons can we learn from this eulogy in our lives?