Find Your Identity! Lessons from David HaMelech (King David)

What is the difference between Mizmor Ledavid and Ledavid Mizmor? Those are two different openings in the book of Tehillim (Psalms). There is a core lesson to be learned from the order of the two words and what they mean for establishing one's spiritual identity in this world. 

Haftara of the Week: The Unique Teshuva of Eretz Israel!

Isaiah the Prophet focuses on Teshuva in Eretz Israel and the redemption of Israel, which is a major theme in the series of consolation haftarot.  What is the unique aspect of the Teshuva in Eretz Israel? How does Kibbutz Galuyot effect the global redemption?

Getting Closer to God In the Month of Elul!

Elul is an opportunity to get closer to God, to our "Dodi", our Beloved. Elul is an acronym for the verse - אני לדודי ודודי לי, and is a time for introspection - how can we return to ourselves? How can we get closer to our neshama and God during...

Elul: Coming Closer To God by coming closer to Ourselves

In this piece from the sefer "Divrei Elimelech" we learned that the days of Elul are called "yemei ratzon"  (days of desire).  Just like the days that Moshe Rabeinu was on Mt. Sinai recieving the second tablets and atonement, so too, these days every year are days of great closeness...