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Derech Hashem - Introduction - continued
Derech Hashem - Introduction
Derech Hashem 90 - Shabbat continued
Derech Hashem 89 - Periodic service of Hashem
Derech Hashem 88 - the latter parts of prayer - Tachanun
Derech Hashem 86 - Praying for the abundance for the world

Elul: Coming Closer To God by coming closer to Ourselves

In this piece from the sefer “Divrei Elimelech” we learned that the days of Elul are called “yemei ratzon”  (days of desire).  Just like the days that Moshe Rabeinu was on Mt. Sinai recieving the second tablets and atonement, so too, these days every year are days of great closeness to H’ and we the ability to return to ourselves and reach a deeper relationship and closeness with H’.  

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