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Parshat Talks: Beshalach: The Bones of Yosef
Parsha Talks-Vaera-5775
Parsha Talks - Shemot 5775
Remembering Harav Tzvi Klamen T''zl (04/01/16)
Mourning and Celebrating Tisha Be-Av - Parsha Talks - Matot-Masei 5775
Understanding The Three Weeks - Parsha Talks - Pinchas 5775

What is Jewish Zionism? – Part 2 – From Stony Heart to a Heart of Flesh -Mr. Yehuda HaKohen

Rabbi Meir TV

From Stony Heart to a Heart of Flesh – What is Jewish Zionism – Part 2/3 What is this idea of Exile? What does it really mean? What caused the birth of the concept of a Jewish religion? Does this concept belittle our Jewish identities?

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