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Derech Hashem - Introduction - continued
Derech Hashem - Introduction
Derech Hashem 90 - Shabbat continued
Derech Hashem 89 - Periodic service of Hashem
Derech Hashem 88 - the latter parts of prayer - Tachanun
Derech Hashem 86 - Praying for the abundance for the world

Anshei Chessed 8: Uncovering the Emptiness of Lust (27/09/16)

– When our ambitions are for physical things or pleasures, we will always be left with an empty feeling even after we attain them. Rav Dessler explains that this is because it was not the object itself that we lusted for, rather the fact that it was not “ours”. All of this comes from one’s objective – the desire to take.

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