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Bereishit - the rationale of the order of the parshiyot
Why do we fast on the Ninth of Av?
Why do we fast on the 17th of Tamuz?
Maharal Netiv Hatorah - the essence of the Torah as the root of creation
Maharal Netiv Hatorah - methodology of studying Aggada and the Torah paradigm shift
Maharal Netiv HaTorah - abstract essence of the Torah

The Works of Maimonides Rambam: The Thirteen Roots of Belief

Why Are There Thirteen Principles of Faith?:

It could be that the Rambam was hinting to the concept of the 13 attributes of compassion of G-d. But we must understand that these 13 principles are not exclusive – there are plenty of other principles mentioned by the Rambam in other places. There are several examples of other principles that are core to the Torah. One example of where he mentions other principles is when he discusses about a righteous convert, because the convert must be taught the principles of the religion. 


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