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Parashat Yitro

G-d reveals to Moshe the purpose of the Sinai revelation so that the nation hear when G-d speaks with Moshe and thus they will believe in Moshe and his prophecy for eternity.  As explained by Rabbi Yehudah Halevi in the Kuzari and the Eben Ezra, notwithstanding the fact that Israel has experienced and witnessed the powers and might of G-d in the ten plagues, the exodus from Egypt, and the splitting of the Red sea, some of them still had doubts, could it be that G-d the abstract and infinite communicate with man?  Moshe claims that he has received prophecy, the nation is yet to receive prophecy, therefore the bringing of Israel to mount Sinai is in order for them to indeed be a nation of prophets and hear the word of G-d.

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