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“HaShem spoke to Moshe, saying: Command Aharon and his sons, saying: This is the Torah of the olah (elevation): It is the olah that stays on the flame, on the Alter, all night until morning, and the fire of the Alter should be kept aflame on it.” (VAYIKRA 6:1-2)


While Israel’s liberation is ultimately part of a universal redemption for all humankind, this truth cannot deter the Jewish people from identifying our enemies and neutralizing their threats. Part of the Hebrew mission of achieving total peace and higher consciousness for all of mankind is removing those elements that seek to delay this objective. And it is even through the malevolence of Israel’s enemies – the crucial antagonists in our great historic drama – that the redemption itself can be hastened. The Midrash teaches concerning the above verses that the arrogance of corrupt and power hungry rulers assists in bringing us closer to the revealed goal of human history.


“G-D said, ‘whoever makes himself high and mighty is destined for fire,’ as it says, ‘the olahthat stays on the flame’” (VAYIKRA 6:2). This is Edom, which held itself high, as it says, ‘Though you make your nest as high as the eagle, though you set it among the stars, (I will bring you down from there – the word of HaShem)’ (OVADIA 1:4). And they are sentenced to fire, as it says, ‘As I looked, the best was slain… and given to the burning flame, and the house of Esav (Edom) stubble, for HaShem has spoken’ (OVADIA 1:18). And what words did He speak through Moshe? ‘The olah that stays on the flame’: It says, ‘Saviors shall ascend Mount Zion to judge the mountain of Esav’ (OVADIA 1:21).” (Tanḥuma Tzav 2)


The disdain with which Esav’s progeny subconsciously view HaShem obscures the revelation of His Ideal for this world. This arrogance has over the centuries found its most palpable expression through the harsh persecution of the Jewish people, as any attack against Israel is tantamount to an attack on Israel’s G-D. The Midrash teaches:


“‘In Your abundant grandeur You shatter Your opponents’ (SHEMOT 15:7): And who are they? Those who attack Your children. This teaches that if one attacks Israel it is as though he has attacked G-D. Thus, it says, ‘Forget not the voice of your (Israel’s) enemies, the tumult of Your (G-D’s) opponents which always rises’ (TEHILLIM 74:23) and ‘Your enemies are in an uproar and those that hate You have raised their head’ (TEHILLIM 83:3). Why do they do so? Because ‘Against Your people they plot deviously, they take counsel against those sheltered by You’ (TEHILLIM 83:4). It also says, ‘For indeed those who hate You, HaShem, I hate them, and I quarrel with them that rise up against You!’ (TEHILLIM 139:21). Why is this? ‘With the utmost hatred, I hate them; they have become enemies unto me’ (TEHILLIM 139:22). We also find, ‘He will send me to the nations who despoil you, for whoever touches you touches the apple of His eye’ (ZEKHARIA 2:12).” (Tanḥuma Beshalaḥ 16)


The modus operandi of Esav is to appear righteous on the outside while being internally repulsive (much like a pig that boasts all external signs of kashrut yet lacks the internal requirements of cleanliness). Our Sages identify Esav’s offspring as not only the Roman Empire, but also as its outgrowths. Christianity and Western civilization stem from the impure source of Esav. From the time the Roman Empire adopted Christianity, this oppressive dogma was imposed and spread throughout the world, ultimately serving as the moral foundation for a culture that encourages hedonism, depravity, exploitation and personal advancement at the expense of others.


As Esav’s descendents contemptuously assert their strength over weaker peoples and cultures throughout the globe, the soul of Creation demands rectification. The cataclysmic wars and hostilities of the last century are signs of a crumbling civilization. The horrors of these events are in fact the existential screams of mankind calling out for a connection to its Divine Source. History demands the reestablishment of Am Yisrael as an independent nation on the international stage because Israel is the only people uniquely fashioned to reveal HaShem’s Divine Oneness over all and usher in an era of peace and total blessing.


Israel – the uniquely created receptacle and conduit through which Divine energy and blessing radiates into our world – is once again experiencing a national rebirth. We have returned to the world stage in what has so far been merely the introduction to a revolutionary process destined to lead mankind towards history’s ultimate goal.


In order that history arrive at its predestined ideal state, HaShem is bringing His people home to Eretz Yisrael so that we may not only fulfill our ancient national aspirations but also assume our collective role as the light unto nations meant to illuminate man’s path out of his current moral prison. The destruction of evil and the downfall of false doctrines will bring ultimate joy and freedom to mankind. Malkhut Yisrael will liberate the world from the physical and spiritual tyranny currently rampant as we lead humanity towards an existence of unity, higher fulfillment and unparalleled blessing in the awareness of HaShem as our greater context and Divine Source.


With Love of Israel,


Yehuda HaKohen

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