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Derech Hashem - Introduction - continued
Derech Hashem - Introduction
Derech Hashem 90 - Shabbat continued
Derech Hashem 89 - Periodic service of Hashem
Derech Hashem 88 - the latter parts of prayer - Tachanun
Derech Hashem 86 - Praying for the abundance for the world

“Chovat Hatalmidim 55: Waking Up Our Souls!”

In this shiur, we explain that the underlying purpose of all the Mitzvot, and Torah is that we should be concious and spiritually awake. We all inherited intrinsic Godliness from Mount Sinai.  It is imprinted into the very essence of who we are. If we don’t connect to it, we feel empty and look for unfulfilling ways to fill that void. The solution is to wake up the soul within.

In next week’s lesson, we will learn from the Piasetzna Rebbe zy’a how we can do that.

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