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Fast of Esther (Yom Nicanor) - Rabbi Yehuda HaKohen
Parashat Terumah (Mystery of the Keruvim) - Rabbi Yehuda HaKohen
Hanukah, Part 3, The Spirit and Holy Culture of Israel Triumphs over Greece
Hanukah, The Cultural Battle, Greece vs. the Tribes of Israel, Part 1
Hanukah, Part 2, The Tribes of Israel
Israel at War #3: Israel and its Relations to the United States | Rabbi Yehuda Hakohen

Connecting to Judaism through Tefilla

How does Tefilla Connect the individual to the collective? How can we connect with something greater than ourselves through the art of Tefilla? What intention should we have when saying the different blessings of the Shemona Esre, the Amida? 

Rav Yehuda HaKohen analyzes the aspects of the blessings of the Shemona Esre and brings to life the experience we can have and the impact we have when we say the Tefillot. 

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