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Derech Hashem - Introduction - continued
Derech Hashem - Introduction
Derech Hashem 90 - Shabbat continued
Derech Hashem 89 - Periodic service of Hashem
Derech Hashem 88 - the latter parts of prayer - Tachanun
Derech Hashem 86 - Praying for the abundance for the world

How I Can Be Great! – The Greatness of Self in Mussar

To Be Awake Comes From Deepened Emunah. When our Emunah is not just intellectual but has penetrated our entire being, the natural response is to be “awake” as we discussed in the last class.  We can attain that level of Emunah by speaking to ourselves, and others about Emunah regularly – like a mantra.  This does not serve to just remember Emunah, but it expands it, deepens it, and makes it come alive.  And this makes us come alive.


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