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Bereishit - the rationale of the order of the parshiyot
Why do we fast on the Ninth of Av?
Why do we fast on the 17th of Tamuz?
Maharal Netiv Hatorah - the essence of the Torah as the root of creation
Maharal Netiv Hatorah - methodology of studying Aggada and the Torah paradigm shift
Maharal Netiv HaTorah - abstract essence of the Torah

“Derech Yeshara” – Building our Ideal Spiritual Path

Rabbi Yehuda Hanasi, Rebbi, explains the concept of “Yashar” – the path the man should take in his spiritual journey is the path that is “Yashar”. What does “Yashar” mean? Literally, the word means straight, however Rav Aryeh Weiss brings down the teachings of the Natziv of Volozin, who gives us a deeper insight into the concept of “Yashar”, through the understanding that the book of Genesis, Bereishit, is referred to as “Sefer HaYashar”.


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