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Having a Genuine Relationship with God – The Ramban’s (Nachmonides) Philosophy

Learn about the main philosophy of the Rambam, Nachmonides, about how to great a genuine realtionship with God. Is the relationship based on commandments? On Loyalty? On our ability to offer sacrifices? On a fear of punishment?

The Ramban breaks down the Mitzvot into Mitzvot that are between man and God, and Mitzvot between man and man. The guiding verse in the Tanach that he established around it his philosophy is: 

נר לרגלי דבריך ואור לנתיבתי – The Torah gives us the correct approach to serving God and also serving our fellow man. The Torah should be a light at our feet to guide us. The commandments in the Torah are an instruction manual not only how to hold ourselves daily, but also to how to create a moral society, and an ethical humanity.

Rav Frankenthal examines the toughest of questions in the Ramban’s philosophy of how to create a moral society based on the Torah, and why do we need the Torah to give morality to humanity. 

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