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From memorial day to Independence Day - Rabbi Menachem Listman
The Kuzari - Rabbi Shemesh Elyon
Oral Torah: Rambam's Intro to his Mishna Commentary - Rav Mechael Weinstein
Sefer Orot HaTeshuva - Rabbi Micha Hyman
Kiddush Levanah, Accepting the Divine Presence once a Month - Rabbi Yisrael Cohn
Sefer Melachim II: Ch. 4 - Rabbi Menachem Listman

Rav Dov Bigon on Parashat Toldot: The Complexity of Yaakov and Esav

Rav Bigon helps clarify the complexity of Yitzchak and Rivka’s family – Yaakov and Esav. What was the real difference between Yaakov and Esav and how can you manage a family with such dichotomy?

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