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Jewish Philosophy: Torah study - for what? (Rav Reuven Feirman)
Jewish Philosophy: Yerushalaim: why are there so many differences of opinion? (Rav Reuven Feirman)
Jewish Philosophy: Lag BaOmer (Why are there so many differences of opinion?) - Rabbi Reuven Feirman
Jewish Philosophy: The Yetzer Of Being Miserable - Rabbi Reuven Feirman
Jewish Philosophy: General - Rabbi Reuven Feirman

The Real Difference Between Monotheism and Polotheism

Rav Fierman clarifies the core difference between Avoda Zara, Polotheism, and Emunah B’El Echa – Monotheism. Why is there a drive to worship idols among the nations? What is the real distinction between believing the God, Hashem, is one versus belief in multiple gods? 


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