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Derech Hashem - Introduction - continued
Derech Hashem - Introduction
Derech Hashem 90 - Shabbat continued
Derech Hashem 89 - Periodic service of Hashem
Derech Hashem 88 - the latter parts of prayer - Tachanun
Derech Hashem 86 - Praying for the abundance for the world

Derech Hashem 63: The Uniqueness of Moshe Rabeinu’s Level of Prophecy

  In this lesson, the Ramchal teaches us how different Moshe Rabeinu experienced prophecy than all other prophets before him and after him.  This level of prophecy was only to occur once in history for the purpose of bringing the Torah into the world.  We learn all the differences and similarities in this lesson.  This lesson concludes the 3rd section of Derech Hashem all about Prophecy.

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