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Due to the nearly 2,000-year exile among the Gentiles, the Jewish understanding of the Torah weakened. The focus shifted to individual practices like keeping kosher or observing Shabbat, while the national essence of the Torah, largely based on life in Israel, was neglected. This led to a diminished sense of national identity and power, with Jews being dispersed and vulnerable in foreign lands. However, upon returning to Israel and establishing their own state and military, this power was reclaimed. Rabbi Kook interprets these events as steps in the coming of the Messiah, seeing each war as progress in Jewish redemption. Instead of expecting a sudden miraculous appearance of the Messiah, he believes that it’s a gradual process. Today, the development of Israel in various fields, from agriculture to technology, is seen as part of this messianic era. While Israel faces worldly challenges, it is also the land of prophecy and will once again be a place of spiritual guidance for the world. The rebirth and progress of the state of Israel signify the unfolding of the messianic age.


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