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Astrology and Magic in Halacha - Rabbi Yisrael Cohn
Definition of Pikuach Nefesh - Rabbi Yisrael Cohn
Sinning to save a Soul? - Rabbi Yisrael Cohn
Halachot of free time: What should I do in the Bein Hazmanim? - Rabbi Yisrael Cohn
Pesach: what to do with the second son? - Rabbi Yisrael Cohn
Why don't we say a brachah on mishloach manot? - Rabbi Yisrael Cohn

What is our role on Rosh Hashanah? – Rabbi Yisrael Cohn

Part Number : 29
Chassidut: Sefer Tomer Devorah - Rabbi Micha Hyman
Haftarah Parshat Behar: Sefer Yirmeyahu Ch. 32 - Rabbi Menachem Listman

Uploaded live from Machon Meir on 21 September 2022

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