With the 4th of July approaching, here’s a little Jewish Identity Quiz to help illustrate how Jewish identity becomes confused in the Diaspora.

With the 4th of July approaching, here’s a little Jewish Identity Quiz to help illustrate how Jewish identity becomes confused in the Diaspora.

Many Jews in the Diaspora believe their main identity is American or English or French, or Canadians, and that they also belong to the Jewish religion, just like there are Americans who are Protestant, Catholic, or Baptist. But this isn’t the case at all. Being Jewish is a nationality, not merely a religion. True Jewish identity is being a member of the Children of Israel. In our souls we are members of the Nation of Israel. It doesn’t matter where we live. Because we were exiled from our own Jewish Land and scattered to foreign countries for the last 2000 years we mistakenly think we are members of the foreign, gentile nationalities where we live. This is a natural phenomenon. But just as a leopard can’t change his spots, we cannot stop being Israelites. Yes, a Jew may have citizenship in the United States or France, but he is still, first and foremost a member of the Nation of Israel. Wherever we wandered, whenever we thought we were good Yeminites, or good Spaniards, or loyal Germans, or dedicated Russians, or faithful Poles, sooner or later, our host country always reminded us that we were tragically mistaken – we were strangers, exiles from another land. For a time, we may reside in foreign lands, holding foreign passports, but in our fundamental essence, we are always Israelites – people whose ancestors came from the Land of Israel.

To help you understand how confused our true Jewish-Israelite identity can become in the exile, here is a simple pre-Fourth of July, Jewish Identity Quiz for your edification and enjoyment.

While we have chosen the example of America as our sample Diaspora, Jews living in other countries can substitute pictures from the countries of their exile, whether it be England, France, Australia, or Mexico.


Which flag is the flag of your nation?


What picture represents the Independence Day of your country?

Which photo is a picture of your nation’s capital?

What is your principle language?

Which mountain means more to you?

Which government building do you identity with the most?




If there was a war between the United States and Israel, which army would you join?

Hearing which song gives you more goose pimples and a greater feeling of patriotism? The Star Spangled Banner or HaTikva?

Which national landmark stirs your emotions more?

Which picture evokes in you a prouder, more patriotic response?

Which leader was the founding father of your nation?

Which of these foods is your country’s favorite snack?

Jews who have identified with America in five or more questions are recommended to come to Israel for a few months of intensive Torah learning at Machon Meir Yeshiva in order to meet your true Israelite self.

Hope to see you here soon.




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