Constant Mitzvas #3: Unification of the Divine (Achdut Hashem)

Rav Weiss continues his explanation of the six constant mitzvot. This week, #3 - How to always think about the unification of God - Achdut Hashem.  What does true unification mean? How do we perform this Mitzvah?  How does this Mitzvah help us understand the Divine?

The Six Constant Mitzvot #1: Emunah!

We have started with the 6 מצוות תמידיות, the first of which is מצוות האמונה, which is found at ספר החינוך, פרשת יתרו, מצוה כ"ה.  We learned the בה"ג's opinion that we can't count Emunah as one of the Commandments, because the awareness of the "Commander" and the acceptance of His authority to command is the...

Sefer HaChinuch Introduction: Difference Between Torah and Mitzvot

We have 613 Mitzvot in the Torah (commandments). There are two components to the Torah - Torah & Mitzvot. What is the difference between the concepts of "Torah" and "Mitzvot", and what is the relationship between them?  On the one hand, they are interwieved throughout the Torah and the Mitzvot...

Why Do We Need a Red Heifer? Parashat Chukat

Why do we need the Mitzvah of Para Aduma - the Red Heifer? How does the impurity of touching a corpse effect spiritual life, and specifically life around the Temple? What lessons and practices can we learn from the Para Aduma in today's world?

Iggeret Teiman: How do the Jewish People Survive Persecution?

The Rambam focuses on the fact that as a nation we have suffered the most terrible anti-Semitic persecutions over the course of history and explains the hard truth that the glory of our nation is our ability to withstand the suffering, while still maintaining the awareness of God and our...