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Bereishit - the rationale of the order of the parshiyot
Why do we fast on the Ninth of Av?
Why do we fast on the 17th of Tamuz?
Maharal Netiv Hatorah - the essence of the Torah as the root of creation
Maharal Netiv Hatorah - methodology of studying Aggada and the Torah paradigm shift
Maharal Netiv HaTorah - abstract essence of the Torah

The Power of Community and Ramifications of Removing oneself from Community – part 2

Identifying with a community is also sharing in the community’s sorrow. The Talmud teaches us that only one who participates in the community’s sorrow can truly rejoice with their community. How is that truly connecting to the Tzibur, community, and not self serving?

Rav Weiss explains Rashi’s interpretation of the mishna in Pirkei Avot – Al Tifrosh min Hatzibur and its practical ramifications.

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