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Melachim I Chapter 18: The Epic Battle Between Achav and Eliyahu

During the times of Eliyahu Hanavi and King Achav, there was tremendous political and financial prosperity. The dichotomy, however, is that spiritually the nation of Israel are in dire straits. Idolatry is rampant, and there is a serious threat of war on Israel, because of their spiritual downfall. 

Eliyahu HaNavi takes a stand against Achav and stops the rain and dew in Israel through a miracle, with Hashem. Eliyahu, as a result, becomes a wanted man and has a price on his head. Achav searches for water, and cannot delegate to his servants, because his financial resources have all dried up, as a result of Eliyahu’s decree.

Rav Listman discusses the epic battle between Eliyahu and Achav, and Eliyahu’s quest to destroy idolatry in his generation.

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