Machon Meir - in Jerusalem

Learning and Living Torah, Israel, and the Jewish future

Providing deep Jewish learning with Israeli integration and personal guidance for students from around the world

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Why Us?

Learn in English in an authentic Israeli yeshiva with students from around the world

Amazing Learning

Guided by dynamic and engaging educators and Rabbis, this is a unique opportunity for personal growth

Awesome experiences

Explore Israel touring ancient and modern Jerusalem, hiking in the Golan Heights, and enjoy warm Shabbat hospitality.

Be Inspired

Explore Israel, Experience Yeshiva and be inspired - at an affordable price.

What We Offer!

Our Programs

With flexible start times, check out these options for your trip to Israel!

Machon Meir Short Programs

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Exciting Summer Program

Join us for three weeks that will give you a glimpse of a new world of Jewish life and learning in Israel.

40 Days of Inspiration

Start off your year with a spiritual boost – Elul and Yamim Noraim in Yeshiva!

Machon Meir Yeshiva Program

Learn. Live. Connect.

Whether you plan a brief visit for a semester or are on the path to Aliyah – Machon Meir is the premium Zionist men’s Yeshiva in Jerusalem.


Ulpan Meir

Learn to read, write and SPEAK Hebrew in our intensive in-house Ulpan Ivrit, and practise daily with an Israeli student your age

Meet some of our staff

Warm, Dynamic and Engaging Rabbis and educators


Rabbi Dov begon Head of Machon Meir

Rav Listman

Rabbi Menachem Listman Head of English Program

Looking for an opportunity to come to Israel and get connected?

You Got It!

Machon Meir - a unique jewish experience in Jerusalem - Israel

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Student Testimonials

David Yitzchak Ben Shimon
Zachary Waxer

Live now in Machon Meir

Latest Videos

Enjoy our best shiurim videos!

Sefer Orot HaTeshuva: Rav Micha Hyman

Fundamentals of Judaism – Rabbi Menachem Weinberg

Sefer Melachim I: Ch. 1 (part 4) – Rabbi Menachem Listman

Fundamentals of Judaism: Rabbi Menachem Weinberg

The Depths of Kol Nidrei – Rabbi Natan Kotler

Sefer Melachim I: Ch. 1 (part 3) Rabbi Menachem Listman